15 Flowers that you should give to your girlfriend

15 Flowers that you should give to your girlfriend


Flowers are always a unique and different choice as a gift. Because in addition to beauty, they also contain a special message to the recipient. Your girlfriend is the one who can receive this beautiful message.

By giving flowers as a gift to your girl, you not only show your interest in her but also fill her with good feelings such as happiness, love, and affection.

The following will introduce 15 flowers suitable for gifts to your girlfriend. But since each flower has its unique message, you must be careful in choosing it to communicate your feelings to your love correctly. Green Garden Florist helps you make an intelligent choice in this field.

  1. Orchid
  2. Rose
  3. Tulip
  4. Cloves
  5. Lilies
  6. Aster
  7. Lily
  8. Amaryllis
  9. Lilac
  10. Lavender
  11. Hydrangea
  12. Narcissus 
  13. Peruvian lily
  14. Sunflower
  15. Chrysanthemum


1. Orchid, the unique flower for your girlfriend

Orchids are one of the most special, attractive, and mysterious flowers a girl can receive. Since it is an expensive and rare flower, by gifting it to your lovely girl, you show her that you value her very much. Orchids can convey other emotions such as pride, honour, and elegance.

2. Rose

Rose is the most popular flower all over the world. This fame is probably because this flower conveys one of the strongest emotions on earth; the feeling of love. Roses are associated with concepts such as love and desire, especially the red one; Rose is the flower that women like to receive as a gift. A girl who gets a rose will feel the love and affection in your every behaviour.

3. Tulip

Like roses, tulips come in different colours, such as yellow and red. The tulip is one of the flowers suitable for the gift that spends the winter and shows its beautiful flowers in the summer. When you give tulips as a gift to a lady, you convey to her that you are my endless joy and love!

4. Carnation, a flower from heaven

Carnation derives its Latin name from the word “dianthus,”; a word that means heavenly flower or flower of the gods. Its petals are large and voluminous and bring a beautiful and different appearance. Carnations express love, dreaminess, or admiration for another person. Also, in important events such as weddings, cloves are widely used.

5. Lilies, a beautiful trumpet flower

Lilies are the favourite flowers of many women, and therefore they can be considered one of the flowers suitable for gifts. This flower expresses beauty in its unique way and shows your mania well to your lover. This flower represents selflessness and purity of behaviour.

If your lady needs to hear “good luck” or if you want to tell her that you belong to her, the best choice is to buy lilies flowers.

6. Aster, the eternal beauty

Aster is a summer flower whose Latin name means “eternal beauty.” This flower usually opens its petals at dawn and closes them at night. Enamel represents eternal love, happiness, and new beginnings and is a great choice to start a romantic and emotional relationship.

7. Lily, the lovely blue

The lily is a symbol of faith and hope. The most common type is the blue lily. In this type, the blue colour with yellow veins is very artistic. Lily tells your favourite girl that you believe in the future of your relationship with her. If you want to convey deep concepts to a girl in your life, the lily is one of the suitable flowers.

8. Amaryllis, the ornamental flower of the house

The Latin name Amaryllis means “to shine.” This flower tells a girl that her value in beauty and elegance is equal to the stars!

9. Lilac, the fragrant purple

Lilac is a symbol of good luck, i.e. four-leaf clover. This flower tells the girl who receives it as a gift that you are full of life! Lilac symbolizes hopelessness and innocence.

10. Lavender is a flower with a different fragrance.

Lavender is a purple flower with a very different fragrance. In ancient times, they used this flower as a deodorizer in perfumes. Also, for paving the ground in winter and summer. But these days, this flower represents admiration, beauty, and protection. Lavender tells your beloved girl that her safety and protection are your priority.

11. Hydrangea, the rainbow flower

Hydrangea is another suitable flower for your girlfriend. The hydrangea will show your favourite girl that you are always thinking of her, even when you are not with her! This flower expresses heart feelings such as enthusiasm or understanding of the other party.

12. Narcissus, a symbol of rebirth

This flower represents rebirth and eternal life. Narcissus tells your favourite girl that the relationship between you and her is permanent and will last forever.

13. Peruvian lily

Peruvian lily is a perfect gift for your girlfriend that draws attention and screams the concept of friendship and sacrifice. Express your love and sacrifice for your favourite girl by buying eternal life flowers.

14. Sunflower

Few people know that a sunflower can form a unique and beautiful flower bouquet by itself. Like the sun from which it takes its name, the sunflower is a reminder of warmth and happiness. Of course, loyalty is also one of the other meanings of this beautiful flower. Gifting sunflowers to your significant other, give her joy and prove your loyalty to her in the language of this beautiful flower.

15. Red chrysanthemum, a flower to express pure feelings

Chrysanthemum is the flower of friendship. It is interesting to know that the chrysanthemum is the most popular flower after roses in the world. So if you like a girl and want to show her your pure feelings, don’t neglect the red chrysanthemum.

Now that you know the message of each flower, if you want to tell your favourite girl how you feel about her through flowers, go to Yonge Florist online store and order your charming bouquet.


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