Our Journey

Welcome To Yonge Florist

Who is Yonge Florist?

Yonge Florist is the number one quality flower company in Toronto. With us, you can choose a flower arrangement for every taste and occasion. Bright birthday bouquets, elegant and stunning wedding arrangements, fantastic flower bouquets for your loved ones or dearest family members.
We offer flower delivery services both locally and throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Our Journey

Yonge Florist is the embodiment of floral artistry, masterminded by Green Garden Florist, a cherished family legacy. We hail from a lineage where every member has been steeped in the world of floristry, flower cultivation, or the opulent floral market.

After immigrating to Canada, we found solace in the simple beauty of flowers. They became more than just blooms; they became the roots of our family's journey in this new land. With unwavering passion, we decided to share our love for flowers with our community and opened our flower shop. It's not just a store; it's a piece of our heart, a symbol of our new beginnings, and a place where we celebrate the beauty of life every day.

Within our hearts, we harbor an unwavering devotion to our craft, viewing floral design as a masterpiece in itself. It is a passion that flows through our very veins, infusing every arrangement we create with the essence of artistry and luxury and treating it as a work of art.

Every wedding, every event, is an occasion we regard with the utmost reverence. We dedicate substantial time and effort to ensure that each creation transcends the ordinary, evoking the unique essence of every special moment.

From the delicate selection of blooms to the intricacies of design, we pour our hearts into every piece and arrangement. It is our passion, our privilege, and our promise to craft floral experiences that embody the essence of luxury, transforming your events into cherished memories.